Meet Louise, my paper craft Giraffe

Paper Craft of Louise the Giraffe Hanging on the Wall

A lot of people in my life now don’t know that I graduated college with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture. I’m not an architect now but I’ve always loved working and building things by hand. Paper crafts are one of my favorites because you don’t need much to make some extrodinary things.

So, when I found out that a fellow ex-architecture student who also didn’t pursue the career started his own paper craft modeling business, I got excited to check it out.

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That’s how the cookie rumbles: Chocolate Football Cookies

Homemade Chocolate Football Cookies

My March Madness bracket just got busted, as did most this weekend, so taking a step back from basketball to do a bit of a throwback post! Pun intended. 😛But instead of sports, I’m talking cookies.

I was not super excited about the Super Bowl this year but it felt wrong not to watch the game. So, when I decided to host a last minute watch party, I baked some Chocolate Football Cookies to get into the spirit. Sharing this easy recipe, a take on sugar cookies but not overly sweet. Perfect for cookie cutters and however much icing you want!

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