I think it's always nice to learn more about people, so I thought it would be fun to share a few things about me that you might not know! Here's 10 (kind of random) fun facts about me.


Toddler Michelle at the Mall


Technically (very technically), English is not my first language. My parents both immigrated from China and spoke primarily Chinese to me as a kid. They figured once I was in preschool I'd just pick up English 😉




At my last job, I got to be an extra on a few brand photo shoots. I was a cat for a Natty Light Halloween party, a backyard partier, and a Dr. Pepper tailgater.  #basicallyfamous

Michelle in a Natural Light and Dr. Pepper Photoshoot
Michelle and Riply at the Park


My puppy, Riply, is named after Siggourney Weaver's character in the movie "Alien". Technically, the name is spelled  "Ripley" but when my boyfriend and I went to create our pup's first dog tag, we accidently left out the "e". We decided to just keep it that way. Bonus fun fact: We almost named her Letty from Fast and Furious.



My first job was in high school and I was a cashier at the Toys"R"Us in New Jersey. Ja Rule came in once with his son and I was the one to ring him up! At least, I think it was Ja Rule. Everyone else on the floor was freaking out and one of the girls asked for his autograph while I was bagging his son's toy.

Michelle in Toys"R"Us Halloween Truck
Michelle's Level 1 Improv Class


I enjoy a lot of hobbies but one of my recent favorite is improv! I started taking classes last year in St. Louis and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Now that I'm in Chicago, I am definitely going to say "yes, and" to picking it back up. 


Some of my favorite foods:

Vanilla bean ice cream (Halo Top counts), dim sum, green juice, avocados (I'm basic like that), gumbo, IKEA Swedish pancakes, Boston cream donuts, mangos, poké bowls, eggs on everything, ramen (none of that instant stuff), and dirty chai's. 

Michelle Drinking Green Smoothie
Midnight Movie Tickets


I've been to a small handful of mid-night movie premieres in my life. Most of them were for Harry Potter, one for Hunger Games, and one for Twilight. I'm not proud of the last one.



I hate eating cereal in milk. They get so soggy! Growing up I would either put a spoonful of cereal into the milk at a time or I would eat the cereal dry and drink a cup of milk separately. Yes, kind of like Allison Williams' character in "Get Out" but far less creepy and much more innocent. 

Acai Smoothie Bowl
Michelle Dancing in the Apartment


Sometimes when I'm home alone, in a car by myself, or just taking a walk, I lipsync to showtunes and choreograph the numbers in my head. I know, I'm a total dork. 



One of my hidden dreams is to be an actress (not that I've actually pursued it). My top 5 actors/actresses to meet are:

  1. Emily Blunt - I just want to grab a drink with her and just chat for an afternoon. 
  2. Stanley Tucci - Devil Wears Prada, Hunger Games, Spotlight, Easy A, The Terminal, The Core, Burlesque, Julie & Julia....he's everywhere and wonderful in all of them.
  3. Chris Hemsworth - Have you seen him? 
  4. Meryl Streep - But like Anna Kendrick says, "I'm not worthy" 
  5. Tom Hanks - A classic. He's brought me to tears many times.
Michelle Chicago City Streets