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Michelle C. Owner of OMC Blog


I’m Michelle C. and this is the OMC blog; a place to share my love for craft, cake and everything in between.


I’m a fairly typical twenty-something, balancing work, home, and hobbies. I work in advertising and when I’m not at the office, I’m at home playing with my pup (a mini labradoodle named Riply), looking up new recipes to try, taking on a new craft project, or just watching too much TV.  I’m a Jersey girl who found herself in the Midwest for college; came back to St. Louis with my boyfriend, Zach, for a few years; and now we’re living in Chicago! When I’m not being a home-body, I love city exploring…aka going to new restaurants and trying new cocktail bars 😉

No matter what I’m doing in life, I always believe in eating well and being creative. I also believe in snail mail, that leggings are lifesavers, and that there is always room for ice cream. Always.

OMC is my own personal  journey so thanks for taking this ride with me!


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