Meet Louise, my paper craft Giraffe

Paper Craft of Louise the Giraffe Hanging on the Wall

A lot of people in my life now don’t know that I graduated college with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture. I’m not an architect now but I’ve always loved working and building things by hand. Paper crafts are one of my favorites because you don’t need much to make some extrodinary things.

So, when I found out that a fellow ex-architecture student who also didn’t pursue the career started his own paper craft modeling business, I got excited to check it out.

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A Dapper DIY: Dog Bow Ties with No Sew Hacks

Riply and Bowtie

Riply was a part of a Secret Santa this year. Yup, my dog has friends who exchange gifts. 😛As I was brainstorming gift ideas, I was needing a new craft project so thought it would be fun to make some dog bow ties! They are fairly simple to make, even without a sewing machine. While I hand sewed most of these bow ties, I’ll also share some real easy, no sew hacks along the way!

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Fa La La Last Minute Christmas Decorating

Riply and I decorating the tree

Four more sleeps until Christmas! 🎄How ready are you?

Not sure if you are like this but I am always running around the last week before Christmas. Final gifts, trips to the post office, wrapping up year end work – you know how it goes. Holiday decorating was never really high on my list of to-do’s, especially with how much money I tended to spend in December. But this year, I wanted to do a little something. A mini Christmas tree and a holiday wreath – all under $50 and super simple to put together.

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