No Bags, No Boxes, No Problem

OMC A DIY Gift Bouquet

I love gift giving and gift wrapping. Pretty boxes, bags, paper, string…the works. I even have a set of drawers dedicated to that stuff (though how many of you are really surprised by that?) 😉 What’s fun to me about gift wrapping is that you get the chance mix things up a bit.

A week ago, a few friends in my building were throwing a surprise baby shower for a fellow dog mom. I bought some clothes and socks that were on the couple’s registry but realized that everything was white and grey. I wanted to dress it up a little. So I decided to do something a little different with my gift wrapping. Instead of a box or a bag, I decide to make a Baby Shower Gift Bouquet!

Okay, I admit, it does sound a little cheesy but hey, a baby shower is the perfect time to be silly! Plus, I was able to make this with just three materials and with things I already had laying around.

OMC Gift Bouquet Materials Paper Tape


  1. Cardstock – if you don’t have cardstock, layer up on any kind of paper so it can support what you put inside
  2. Tape – Washi Tape adds in a fun touch (Paper Source has some really cute ones!)
  3. Tissue Paper or Cloth – Choose fun colors or textures to line the inside (or outside) of the bouquet

OMC Baby Shower Gift Bouquet


I used scrapbooking cardstock, the largest piece of paper I had. Basically, just roll up the paper into a cone shape, making sure the bottom is a closed point and the top has a nice large openning. I taped it closed with some clear tape first. Then used washi tape to add an extra touch!

Then comes adding in the gifts. Since I had a bunch of onesies and socks, I rolled them up and tied them each with a tulle bow. That way, they sort of looked like flower buds from the top!

I lined the inside of the paper cone with tissue paper and placed the rolled clothing inside. I then added some extra tuffs of tulle for color.

OMC Gift Bouquet Congrats Baby

And that’s my baby shower gift bouquet! Simple and easy but makes a cute statement.

What’s great is that you can customize this in so many ways:

  • Use butcher paper for the cone and wrap the outside with burlap and twine for a rustic look
  • Newspaper with pops of colored construction paper (or left over playbills) could be a fun bouquet alternative if you’re seeing a friend in a play
  • Magazine covers and various fabrics for a fashion themed gift

Regardless of how you make this, I love how easy it is and it is another way to add a personal touch to gift giving!

OMC Baby Shower Bouquet Congrats

If you end up making a gift bouquet, send it to – I’d love to see it!

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