My Fav Finds


Channeling Julie Andrews, here are some of my favorite things! From beauty, to home decor, to even ads and design - just some fun stuff that I've found and want to share. Will update these at least once a month so check 'em out!



I know this page is all about my fav finds but sometimes your finds aren't that great. Instead of sharing with you some of my latest favorite beauty products, wanted to talk a little bit about the ones that I tried and unfortunately didn't really like. You might have a totally different experience with these and a lot of these are pretty popular, but for me, these were beauty fails.

Youth to the People | Kale + Green Tea Spinach Vitamins Cleanser: I got a mini bottle of this age prevention cleanser through Sephora and I figured I'd really like this because I love their moisturizer cream. It also has awesome reviews and I love the overall brand. But, it just didn't seem to clean my face very well for me. It was fine, I just didn't find anything special about it. Great moisturizer (though $48 per jar is a bit much.)

Sunday Riley | UFO Ultra Clarifying Face Oil: I got a sample of this from Sephora when I went through my face oil obsession. (I'm all about using oils to combat a oily complexion.) While it seemed to work in helping to clear up my face, it had a really weird smell! Not exactly what you want to smell like at night. Or you do, to each their own =) I do really want to try Sunday Riley's Martian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner though! Hopefully it smells better.

Benefit Cosmetics | POREfessional Face Primer: I know this is a popular product but it turns my face into an absolutely oily mess. Seems great the first hour I use it - goes on super smooth and great foundation for makeup. But a few hours in, it just all sort of melts. Not good for me, sorry! BUT, I do like their POREFessional Agent Zero Shine. It's a powder to help get rid of shiny bits on your face throughout the day. It's a good just-in-case sort of thing to have your in bag.


Le Tote Outfit

This year, I've started using Le Tote, a clothing subscription service where you can choose clothing and accessories to be sent to your home, wear them for as long as you want, and then return them to get some more! I am so far loving it and hope to do a blog post about it soon. Because of this service, I have been able to try styles that I perhaps wouldn't buy otherwise.

Here's a collection of some recent items I've discovered on my own or through Le Tote!

Also, if you want to check out Le Tote for yourself, use my referral link! As a member, you can purchase clothing items through them at a discounted price.



Apartment Couch Wall Decor

This is a photo of our main wall in our apartment. As you can see, we have some empty space that I've been trying to figure out what to do with. I really love the idea of making it into a vertical plant wall! Since this is a rented space and I can't do too much constructing, and it's not the brightest area of the room, I've found some great alternatives to get some more greenery into this space - wall planters! Here are a few that I've found and liked:

If you can't tell, I'm really into geometric shapes here. If you have any green wall ideas for small spaces, I'd love to hear it. Send your thoughts to!


We're the Super Humans

As someone who works in advertising, it should be obvious that I love a good ad. But the best ads are ones that excite and move the world, not just the creative folks. I first saw this ad when browsing the winners of the 2017 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and it's one of those that make you feel a little better about humanity and a little more inspired. This is a 3-minute trailer for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.