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Michelle C. Owner of OMC Blog


I’m Michelle C. and welcome to the OMC blog, a place to celebrate two of my favorite things: food and creativity!


To me, there are very few things that are better than showing love through food. Whether that’s baking something to share with friends, exploring a new restaurant for date night, or just making a meal for yourself at home, food is an expression of joy! It’s that kind of joy that I want to share here at OMC. Mix that with a bit of craft, style, and plenty of puppy photos, that’s pretty much my life in a nut shell. 😉

I currently live in Chicago with my boyfriend, Zach, and our lil’ labradoodle named Riply. By day, I’m an account manager at an advertising agency, by night I’m a Bravo-bingeing, home DIYing, baker and blogger just trying to juggle it all. I don’t always have it together (if ever hah!), but I say, be fearless and stay positive.

I always believe in eating well and being creative. I also believe in snail mail, that leggings can totally count as pants, and that there is always room for ice cream…and a cocktail.

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