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I’m Michelle C. and welcome to the OMC blog, a place to celebrate two of my favorite things: food and creativity!

To me, food is an expression of joy. Whether that’s baking something to share with friends, exploring a new restaurant for date night, or just making a meal for yourself at home, it’s that kind of joy that I want to share here at OMC. Mix that with a bit of craft, style, and ramblings about life. 😉

I currently live in Chicago with my fiancĂ©, Zach. Yes, fiancĂ© – we’re making it official come October 2020! Zach’s an emergency resident while I work in advertising and though we may work in different worlds, we come together for some key things in life: food (duh), whisky cocktails, Dwayne Johnson movies, and our ‘lil labradoodle, Riply.

When I’m not working, I’m probably watching too much TV, stress cleaning the apartment, trying to work out, and dabbling in at least three different crafts projects while also trying to keep our house plants alive. You know, the usual stuff.

No matter how hectic life can be I believe in eating well (and that doesn’t always mean healthy!) and being creative. Make things and express yourself in anyway you want. That’s the beauty and soul in life.

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