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Welcome to the OMC Blog


Hello and welcome to my blog, OMC! Whew, I can’t believe the day has come and this little thing is going live.

If you are reading this, I just want to say thank you! I’m so very excited to start this journey and glad I can share it with you. I’ll be posting about all the good stuff – food, crafting, city adventures, home decor, and anything else that comes up in life. Hoping to keep it as real as I can 😉

I admit, it’s been a bit of a rough road to get here. I decided to start this blog last September (almost a year ago!) as a way to put myself out there. It was a large project to take on, especially since I’m somewhat of a perfectionist. However, I could not have anticipated the amount of self doubt that came along. It seemed like I couldn’t decide on anything from the name to the colors – I’m pretty sure I spent at least two weeks deciding what was the “right” shade of mauve I wanted as an accent color. I wrote and re-wrote everything. I constantly compared myself to other bloggers out there and made excuses as to why I shouldn’t do this. The site went dark before this it even launched. I admit, it wasn’t my best self.

But, a little over a month ago I quit my job, moved to Chicago with my boyfriend (and dog!), and found myself refreshed with the prospect of so many possibilities ahead. I realized that I will probably make a mistake, or two, or a million as a blogger but I’ll never know what I am capable of until I try. Sorry for the sap but here’s to taking that leap!

Welcome to OMC!

Michelle C.





  1. Wow M.C.! Loving everything about this site… the fonts, layout, and photos (esp the ones with Riply). Looking forward to watching this continue to grow. Congratulations and great job 🙂 Lizzie L.

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