No Bags, No Boxes, No Problem

OMC A DIY Gift Bouquet

I love gift giving and gift wrapping. Pretty boxes, bags, paper, string…the works. I even have a set of drawers dedicated to that stuff (though how many of you are really surprised by that?) 😉 What’s fun to me about gift wrapping is that you get the chance mix things up a bit.

A week ago, a few friends in my building were throwing a surprise baby shower for a fellow dog mom. I bought some clothes and socks that were on the couple’s registry but realized that everything was white and grey. I wanted to dress it up a little. So I decided to do something a little different with my gift wrapping. Instead of a box or a bag, I decide to make a Baby Shower Gift Bouquet!

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Prost to Paleo Pretzels!

OMC Paleo Pretzels Board Mustard

Last month, I was invited to an Oktoberfest-themed potluck. When you think of Oktoberfest, you think of beer, lederhosen, and pretzels! You probably don’t think of gluten free pretzels though 😅 Well, for those of you who can’t have gluten or if like me, sometimes choose to go gluten-free, here is a Paleo Pretzels recipe for you to still join in on the fun!

Now, if you are looking for the exact same texture and taste from this recipe as you would from say, a Wetzel’s Pretzels, you might be disappointed. But these pretzels are actually really soft with just the right amount of chew and they pull apart like the real deal! They remind me of warm bagels, which are my faaav! Plus, these Paleo Pretzels have an extra garlic-y goodness. Check it out!

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Me and Riply Corn Maze Illinoise

Things have been a bit crazy and I feel terrible that I haven’t posted in over a month!

I’m finally getting back into the groove of things and I’m excited to share a life update on all that’s been going on. From starting a new job, to a whirlwind trip to the UK, a new look, and a Napa vaca rerouted – it’s been a busy few weeks.

But I’m happy to be back and I’ve got plenty of goodies coming to OMC! I might have stopped posting but I definitely didn’t stop baking or crafting 😛  But before all of that, continue reading for an update of my past month – including a  video of me glamping in the British countryside ✌️🇬🇧

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