Fa La La Last Minute Christmas Decorating

Riply and I decorating the tree

Four more sleeps until Christmas! 🎄How ready are you?

Not sure if you are like this but I am always running around the last week before Christmas. Final gifts, trips to the post office, wrapping up year end work – you know how it goes. Holiday decorating was never really high on my list of to-do’s, especially with how much money I tended to spend in December. But this year, I wanted to do a little something. A mini Christmas tree and a holiday wreath – all under $50 and super simple to put together.

Christmas Tree Decorating with Riply

Mini Christmas Tree

We live in an under 800 square feet apartment. There is not a lot of room for a full on Christmas tree. But I was determined to not let that deter me.

Fresh trees are awesome. They smell great and look beautiful, though they do require a little maintence. But, with our small apartment and curious puppy, decided to go with a small artificial tree. Target has some solid mini-trees for under $25!

A Pom-tastic Holiday

I wanted to have some fun with the decorations while also trying not to spend a ton of money on individual ornaments. That’s where the idea of pom pom’s came in! Bright, colorful pom poms.

Pom poms are actually fairly simple to make by hand. But, I was looking for something a little easier. I took a trip to Michael’s and totally lucked out. Found a pastel pom pom garland for $7. It’s perfect because these pom poms were already made and already strung. Just cut them off individually, leaving a bit of string on each end. Tie off the string to form a loop and you have a pom ornament! The whole thing took me maybe 15 minutes.

Oh – and did you notice what I used for the Christmas tree skirt? Bought the fabric at Michael’s and used it to make Riply a bandana. The remains went under the tree. 😉

O Christmas Wreath, O Christmas Wreath

While I was at Michael’s looking for pom poms, I saw that they were selling wreaths for $4. Four dollars! I had to get one.

Took some of the pom poms from the garland and used it to decorate the wreath, topping it off with a bow. Simple! Hung it on our front door with a command hook. It adds a little bit of festive cheer everytime we come home.

That’s what I love about wreaths! They are actually really simple to make and look fabulous. Whether you use ribbon, flowers, or even paper crafts – a wreath is an easy way to dress up your home for the holidays.


Happy Holidays from Riply and Michelle

At my parent’s place, Christmas decorations onthe tree are a collection of memories. Things like clay candy canes that my sister and I made in 1st grade, this decorated wooden spoon that I gifted to my mom in 3rd grade, and a set of frosted snowflakes with many, many corners missing. They were always my favorite things on the tree and I always saved them to the end.

It’s a little sad to think that I’m always in such a rush during the holidays but I always look forward to being home. This year, for some reason (cough-I got engaged-cough) I’ve been thinking a lot more about the holiday traditions I want for my own family.

And with that, I wish you all the warmest and happiest of holidays. No matter where you are, how you are spending it, it is truely a magical time of year.

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