A Dapper DIY: Dog Bow Ties with No Sew Hacks

Riply and Bowtie

Riply was a part of a Secret Santa this year. Yup, my dog has friends who exchange gifts. 😛As I was brainstorming gift ideas, I was needing a new craft project so thought it would be fun to make some dog bow ties! They are fairly simple to make, even without a sewing machine. While I hand sewed most of these bow ties, I’ll also share some real easy, no sew hacks along the way!

Confession – I actually don’t know how to use a sewing machine. 😬I feel like I’m suppose to know how because A) I’m a crafter and B) it seems like one of those useful adult skills. Back in middle school, I took a sewing class as part of our Home Ec curriculum. Made a pillow! But haven’t touched a sewing machine since. One day, I will learn again. For now, luckily so many fabric craft projects can be done without a sewing machine!

What You Need

DIY dog bow tie materials - needle and thread, fabric, elastic

The must-haves to make your bow ties are:

1 | Fabric

Choose your favorite design! Below are some guidelines for how much fabric you’ll need depending on what size bow tie you want to make. You will need TWO pieces of this fabric for each bow tie – a larger one for the main bow tie and then a smaller piece used to wrap around the center.

2 | Elastic

These doggie bow ties are meant to be worn with a collar. The elastic is attached to the back of the bow tie so the collar can be looped through. It’s simpler than customizing to your pet’s specific neck size.

3 | Needle & Thread OR Iron-On Fabric Tape

If you are decent with needle and thread, sewing these by hand isn’t too bad and all of the thread is hidden. But, a great no sew hack is to use iron-on adhesive. You can get a roll for less than $2 at most craft stores or on Amazon.

5.75″w x 3.5″h
12″w x 7.75″h
4″w x 2″h
5″w x 3.25″h
10.25″w x 7″h
4″w x 2″h
4.25″w x 3″h
8.75″w x 6.25″h
4″w x 2″h
3.5″w x 2.5″h
7.25″w x 5.5″w
4″w x 1.5″h
3″w x 2″h
6.5″w x 4″h
4″w x 1.5″h

4 | Other No Sew Materials

If you are totally against needle and thread, or just looking for some simpler and faster ways to make these bow ties, you should get:

  • Small rubber band
  • Hot glue gun

Step 1 – Fold the Fabric Once

Once you have your two pieces of fabric cut, take the larger one and fold the long sides in, overlapping about a quarter inch. Sew the edges together.

OR use the iron-on fabric tape! Iron the adhesive between the two edges to melt the glue, bonding the fabric together. If you’ve got the iron going, run the iron over the entire strip to flatten it.

Do the same with the smaller piece of fabric, folding in the long edges so they overlap and adhere them together.

Step 2 – Fold the Fabric a Second Time

Take the larger piece and again fold the edges in, this time on the short side. Overlap them about a quarter inch and and sew together.

You can use the iron-on fabric tape here again!

Step 3 – Pinch and Tie

DIY Dog Bow Tie Wrapping the Center

Now it’s time to shape your bow tie. Easiest way to do it is to fold the fabric in half long ways, the seam on the inside. Then fold back down both edges.

How to Fold a Bow Tie

Pinch the middle of this accordion fold and that’s where you tie it so it holds the bow tie shape! Here is where the rubber band comes in handy. Instead of using string/thread, use the rubber band to secure the center of the folded bow tie.

Step 4 – Wrap the Center

DIY Dog Bow Tie Wrapping the Center

Using the smaller piece of fabric, wrap it around the pinched bow tie, twice. This will cover the string or rubber band. Cut off any extra fabric so that it ends in the back. Secure it by sewing or with some hot glue.

You have a bow tie!

Step 5 – Attach the Elastic Band

First, cut the elastic band and make a loop. Use a dog collar as a guide for how big it should be. The elastic band should fit snug on a collar so it stays put. Basically the loop should be the same as the width of the collar. You can hand sew the band closed or use a hot glue gun. Watch your fingers!

DIY Dog Bow Tie - Attaching the Elastic Band

To attach the elastic band to the bowtie, you can again sew or use hot glue. For extra security, place a piece of fabric through the band and adhere it to the back of the bow tie. This also covers all of the thread and hot glue so it looks neater! Cut off any stray threads and pull off any stringy glue.

DIY Dog Bow Tie Complete

Now you’ve got a cute little bow tie for your four legged friend!

Once you get the hang of it, you can really churn these babies out. It’s fun to try out different fabrics and patterns. These would also be super adorable gift wrapping toppers!

I’m thinking I might make some as tree ornaments next year! How cute would that be?

Holding a red DIY dog bow tie

If you make your own DIY dog bow ties, I’d love to see them! Share them on Instagram with #OMCrafts

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