Watch Out: A Jord Fashion Statement

Wearing a Jord Wood Watch

I’ve been an avid watch wearer for years. Aside from its practicality, I see them as a great accessory and style staple. While I admit that I stopped wearing watches as a daily thing once I got into fitness trackers, when Jord approached me to try out one of their wood watches, I got so excited about their unique designs and realized how much I missed wearing a watch on a regular basis! Check out my review of the Cassia Jord and why I’m still a major fan of owning a good watch!


Jord Wooden Watch Cassia Collection

There is something about a really nice analog watch that just brings a look together and adds a level of sophistication. To me, watches should be a show of style. All of Jord’s watches are hand-made from natural wood materials and the designs really highlight the beautiful craftsmanship.

Jord has a large variety of wood watches for both men and women. There are 13 different types of wood that Jord uses, sourced from all over the world, and you can actually learn a bit about each type on Jord’s website, from the type of wood grain to even average tree height! Jord also uses a variety of movements (the parts that make the watch tick) and sapphire glass for clarity and durability.


Jord Wooden Watch Box Cassia Collection

One of the first things that impressed me when I got my Jord watch was the packaging. The watch came in a beautifully engraved wood box. One that would be perfect as a gift box or even just a display keepsake at home. It was kind of funny as I got very excited about the box and I hadn’t even opened it to see the watch yet! The shipper also protects the box very well and the package came with a cleaning cloth, wood oil, and extra links.

Jord Wooden Watch Cassia Collection Supplies

The watch I got is from the Cassia series, a collection of very sleek women’s watches designed to complement Scandinavian street style. There are four styles within this series – the one I picked out is Ebony & Sable. Ebony is a type of wood that is actually really hard and very deep in tone. So much so that you can’t make out the grain of the wood very well. It’s really sleek and more minimal which I am a fan of. I also really love the bright gold accents and the black on black watch face.

Cassia Series Jord Wood Watches


Wearing this Jord watch was very comfortable and it was also fairly easy to size. The watch is constructed with pins, not screws. So, I was able to remove a link on the band by myself using just a paper clip!  I’d recommend using a watch kit but hey, they call me crafty for a reason 😉 Here is a good video I found with instructions on how to adjust a wood pin watch.

I already mentioned that these watches would be great gifts but to step it up even more, Jord does custom wood watch engravings! You can engrave the underside of the watch and even the wooden box that it comes in. I think that’s a really cute touch!


As a special gift to my OMC readers, you can enter to win your own Jord watch! All you got to do is click on this link, fill out your name, and pick your favorite Jord watch. Giveaway ends on Sunday May 6th so enter soon! One winner will be contacted at the end of the giveaway. If you want to learn more about Jord watches, check out their website at Good luck!

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