Meet Louise, my paper craft Giraffe

Paper Craft of Louise the Giraffe Hanging on the Wall

A lot of people in my life now don’t know that I graduated college with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture. I’m not an architect now but I’ve always loved working and building things by hand. Paper crafts are one of my favorites because you don’t need much to make some extrodinary things.

So, when I found out that a fellow ex-architecture student who also didn’t pursue the career started his own paper craft modeling business, I got excited to check it out.

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No Bags, No Boxes, No Problem

OMC A DIY Gift Bouquet

I love gift giving and gift wrapping. Pretty boxes, bags, paper, string…the works. I even have a set of drawers dedicated to that stuff (though how many of you are really surprised by that?) 😉 What’s fun to me about gift wrapping is that you get the chance mix things up a bit.

A week ago, a few friends in my building were throwing a surprise baby shower for a fellow dog mom. I bought some clothes and socks that were on the couple’s registry but realized that everything was white and grey. I wanted to dress it up a little. So I decided to do something a little different with my gift wrapping. Instead of a box or a bag, I decide to make a Baby Shower Gift Bouquet!

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